All US Charts for Under $100

US Sectionals

Last year Dynon partnered with Seattle Avionics to provide georeferenced procedure/approach charts (plates), Airport Diagrams (including Flight Guide diagrams) at the unprecedented price of $99 per year. SkyView 10 adds the ability to display geo-referenced US sectionals and IFR HI and LO charts as an alternate display on the map. Even better, this data is included in the same $99 subscription cost. Existing Seattle Avionics charting customers gain en-route charts as soon as they upgrade to SkyView 10 software.

Airport Diagram

Flight plans are displayed on top of the charts, as well as weather, traffic, and any terrain alerts. Elements like airspaces and airports can still be selected, and with touch, you can pinch, zoom, and pan - smoothly and without stutter - to navigate your way anywhere.

In short - SkyView customers in the US can have a complete paperless cockpit for under a hundred dollars a year.



Charts Outside the US

IFR en-route

For European customers, procedure charts are currently available from PocketFMS through their Frequent Flyer subscription service for only €150 per year, with Seattle Avionics subscription options available soon. See the Europe Charts and Airport Diagrams page for additional information.

Approach Chart

The data sets from both companies vary from country to country, and PocketFMS’ and Seattle Avionics’ coverage differs from one another. In addition to charts and airport diagrams, the visual approach, landing, and area charts critical to flight in Europe are available for many countries.