SkyView 12.2 adds features most often requested by pilots, including Wi-Fi connectivity to ForeFlight Mobile and PocketFMS EasyVFR, Autopilot Auto-Trim,  a new optional Remote Magnetometer for SkyView, OBS mode on the moving map, an optional in air magnetic calibration routine, and over 40 other features and improvements. SkyView 12.2 is available as a free downloadable update for all Dynon SkyView customers.

Wi-Fi Connectivity to ForeFlight and PocketFMS

Mobile flight planning and in-cockpit tablet connectivity have consistently been two of the most-requested SkyView features. We’re excited bring mobile app connectivity to SkyView via Wi-Fi. This connectivity makes flight planning and preparation easier and more efficient for those of you who fly with ForeFlight or PocketFMS's EasyVFR, and also allows your ForeFlight device to benefit from SkyView’s GPS position and attitude indication. Click here to learn more about Wi-fi and ForeFlight connectivity.

Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView

Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView

Mobile device connectivity is enabled by a new Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView that is installed in any of SkyView’s USB ports. The Wi-Fi Adapter costs $35 and can be purchased from Dynon Avionics dealers or Dynon directly. One is required for each SkyView display installed in an aircraft, maintaining system redundancy. Once configured, your app connects to SkyView via a secure WPA2-protected Wi-Fi link.

Remote Magnetometer for SkyView

SV-MAG-236 Remote Magnetometer for SkyView

SkyView’s ADAHRS provides pilots with all their primary flight instruments in a compact package barely bigger than a deck of cards. In some aircraft, finding a suitable location for the ADAHRS is challenging due to competing location requirements for the air data, attitude, and magnetic heading sensors. To ease installation, Dynon now offers the SV-MAG-236, an optional remote magnetometer that lets customers install the magnetic sensors in an ideal location in the aircraft. The SV-MAG-236 is has a list price of $180, but is available at introduction for $140.

Autopilot Auto-Trim

The SkyView Autopilot can now automatically keep the the aircraft in trim while under autopilot control, eliminating the need for the pilot to manually actuate their trim to satisfy the Autopilot’s built-in trim advice. This feature requires that the aircraft has an SV-AP-PANEL and is using its integrated trim controller for electric trim servo actuation. Auto-Trim can be configured on pitch and/or roll axes.

OBS Mode

OBS Mode allows pilots easily set and adjust an inbound course to any navigable point on the map. That inbound course may then be easily adjusted with the HSI CRS knob, similar to how one chooses a VOR radial. This feature is useful to approach an airport from a specific direction, for example, without having to create a second waypoint to create a full flight plan leg. Pilots can essentially treat any point on the map as a “virtual VOR”.

OBS Mode - Turned on

OBS Mode - Course Changed

Optional In-Air Magnetic Calibration

Pilots can now perform an optional in-flight magnetic heading calibration routine in addition to the existing ground calibration. Pilots that opt to perform this calibration are likely to see improved magnetic heading performance during flight maneuvers. It can also improve heading performance in aircraft where the ADAHRS is subject to localized magnetic interference.

Customizable Aircraft Icons

The aircraft icon displayed on the Map and in the HSI can be changed to one of over a dozen types of aircraft.

Customizable  Aircraft Icons

40+ More Improvements

SkyView 12 also contains over 40 more improvements and fixes. See the full list here.

As always, updated documentation is available, with red-line versions that capture the changes since version 10. There’s a full set of release notes that detail every feature, improvement, and bug fix.