New: SkyView 10 Software now available for download!

SkyView 10 Software: Our Biggest Release Ever!

SkyView 10 includes dozens of exciting new features - most of which are driven by the thousands of pilots that have already chosen SkyView. If you're not part of the SkyView fleet yet, know that your fellow pilots have your back and help us develop the best products possible. 

New Software Features

Altitude Intercept Arc

The new Altitude Intercept Arc (AKA periwinkle plantain) depicts the location that the aircraft will intercept the current altitude bug setting based on the current flight path. For example, you can set the altitude bug at the altitude that you need to descend to to squeeze under class B airspace 

Show the full name of the airport on the Nearest Airport List; Press the FILTER button to suppress the display of airports that don't have usable runway surfaces or lengths for your aircraft. 

IFR Flight Plan Display

Better IFR GPS support: Have a IFR certified GPS in your plane, but hate the small screen? SkyView can now display the whole flight plan from an IFR GPS right on the SkyView map, including arcs, holds, entries, and more.  The text flight plan is also displayed on SkyView in the flight planning page. 

SkyView will now also follow the CDI button on your navigator, switching between VLOC and GPS modes. If your navigator sequences automatically, SkyView will follow. No more pressing HSI SRC on the approach as you intercept the ILS or go missed!

Additionally, External GPS and nav radios can now be named with a user-configurable 7 character “friendly name” to aid in identifying sources on the HSI display.

Improved Nearest List Display

The Nearest list now has two new features. First, you can display the whole airport name as part of the list, instead of just the airport ID. 

Second, you can filter the nearest list by runway type, length, and if it is a public airport. This way, you can see just airports you care about, and shorten the list. In an emergency, just tap the "FILTER" button and the list goes back to all airports.

Improved Track Line

The airplane track line now has time and distance markings to indicate how far it will travel in the immediate future based on the current speed and direction.


Gear annunciations: We live in Seattle. People at Dynon own at least 3 floatplanes. We don't want to see you end up on your back. To combat this, SkyView can now call out "GEAR IS UP FOR WATER LANDING" or "GEAR IS DOWN FOR RUNWAY LANDING" as you approach your landing, just as a friendly reminder to check that gear state.

For those of you speed daemons out there with retracts, we can remind you if your gear is up with a "CHECK GEAR" warning, and we also support warning for gear overspeed as well.

Vertical Speed Required

Vertical Speed Required to destination Info Item on map and PFD VSI displays the current VS required to set up at a specified point at or before and above your final destination waypoint. Fly the vertical speed number displayed to arrive perfectly at the right altitude at the right time to join the pattern.


ADS-B Tail #

Tail numbers for ADS-B equipped traffic will be shown below traffic targets when available. Only available for aircraft equipped with Dynon's ADS-B receiver, and will only be shown for target aircraft that are ADS-B OUT equipped.


Winds Aloft

Textual ADS-B winds aloft for the most recent forecast period added to airport wx info pages where available. When unavailable at the actual airport, the report for the nearest station within 200nm is shown.

You can now choose a variety of colors for your EMS ranges. No longer are you limited to just white, black, green, yellow, and red. The blue is particularly useful for low temperature ranges, or for indicating the state of water landing gear on Amphibs. Add some color to your life!