A Bit About Us 

In 2000 we were frustrated with the lack of affordable modern avionics for sport aircraft and decided to do something about it. The result? Dynon has led a sea change in modern GA aircraft avionics, equipping over 15,000 sport aircraft owners that previously couldn’t imagine an affordable glass cockpit.

SkyView can truly do it all: It’s your primary flight instruments, a full-featured engine monitor, fuel computer, a class-leading moving map and navigation platform, ADS-B traffic and weather, integrated Mode-S Transponder with ADS-B Out capability, an approach-capable Autopilot that offers simplified or expert controls, a revolutionary COM radio, and more. In 2014, we’re re-introducing our flagship system with the addition of SkyView Touch™, dedicated knob and autopilot control panels, and other great features like our “six-pack” flight instrument mode. All  of these innovations are designed to let SkyView reduce your workload so you can just Go Fly. 

Our Values 

SkyView is only our second product line in over 12 years, by design. You shouldn’t need to cut a new panel every time we come up with a new idea, and the product you buy should be supported for years to come. The first SkyView ever shipped is still fully compatible with today’s latest SkyView software features, while the EFIS-D10A we first made a decade ago is still sold and supported today. SkyView Touch™ continues this trend: every existing D1000 SkyView display ever sold can be upgraded to Touch without cutting a new panel.

We design, engineer, and build SkyView in Woodinville, Washington. Most of our engineers are pilots, many of them homebuilders. We fly behind the products we build, and we think it shows. Half of Dynon Avionics’ staff is in manufacturing because we believe building our products in-house is the most effective way to control quality and cost.

We don’t think your avionics should demand that you be an engineer or “beta tester.” Though your aircraft may be experimental, your avionics should run stable software that is tested, documented, and a delight to use. The modules that comprise your system should be designed for one another, with robust and redundant data connections that are hardened against failure. Every SkyView display comes with a purpose-built, color-coded D37 harness. Pre-fabricated SkyView Network cables are also available to help you speed through your installation. 

Touch Done Right 

“Touch when you want it; Turbulence when you don’t.” What started as a grammatically- challenged joke of a catch-phrase turned into the philosophy that we used to guide the design of SkyView Touch™. Although we all use touch-controlled products like smartphones and tablets in our daily lives, turbulence can quickly render a poorly-designed touch interface practically impossible to use. SkyView Touch solves this by using touch to augment and complement the physical buttons and joystick knobs rather than replacing them outright. It’s the best of both worlds. (Read more about our pilot interface philosophy.)